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Why ELTIM Roadmaps instead of GPS Waypoints?

Our paid roadmap could look strange to you, beause there are several free routes available, based on GPS waypoints as many use today. Unfortunatelly, a GPS device will always try to find the shortest route, most likely not always following Historical Route 66. In order to prevent that, you would need hundreds of waypoints, set at about every corner on Historical Route 66 to keep you on track. So many waypoints simply don't fit in any GPS device and will take you over many non Historic Route 66 road parts, in many cases even interstates where an Historic Route 66 road part is nearby.
Back home, you are dissapointed as many are today ("Route 66 doesn't excist any more...."), because you mainly were on wide and fast (Interstate) roads.

Let us show you the difference in practise around the most complex Historic Route 66 section, Saint Louis:

-  In blue the route you most likely will travel while using GPS waypoints > the Interstate nearby.
- In yellow, our and Historical Route 66, even in the correct lane actually and visiting CoR bridge.
- In orange and violet (Venice and around St. Louis) older R66 trails.
-  Also and in red, three very short parts of obsolete, old route 66 roads as we marked many.
- Several markings are visible as well, like the CoR Bridge and the Arch. We let you fly through it while 3D is activated -)
The many Historic Route 66 marks we found are provided, but left out in this picture for better exposure of the routes.
So, with us you're experience a way different Historical Route 66.
We spent many hundreds of hours in making it.