ELTIM Services

Travelling virtually in Google Earth

As a matter of fact you can travel all Google Earth routes available vitually at any speed, height and viewing angle, so also our Route 66 tracks.
You can set these parameters yourself the way you want, but at first the standard settings will do fine for now.

At the top bar you can find the EXTRA button, making Google Earth really nice to work with, for example did you know that you can use it as a flight simulator?
You can also import the data from your GPS device and store the driven route in Google Earth, etc.

For our charts there are two possibilities to fly over our routes:

While viewing tracks (marked with three connected balls)
you have to select a specific track you want to fly.
Then click the three ball button at right below and you
will fly over the track in a way as specified
in the tour settings.
While viewing markings (marked with several types
of icons) you have to select a group of markings
(here "Markings") you want to fly over.
Then you click the folder map button at right below
and you will fly over the markings in a way as
specified in the tour settings.

We can imagine that over time you want to expereiment with these fly over settings. Actually you could fly our virtual Route 66 as if you were sitting on a motorbike, then try this settings: Viewing angle 90º, camera distance 200m, speed 80km/h.... We then will lead you exactly over the correct lanes and exits, try it.

Altering this settings can be done under EXTRA / OPTIONS / TOUR OPTIONS. Experiment with these settings untill you find it convenient to work with.

Under EXTRA you can also change a lot of other settings in Google Earth.