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Streetview mode in Google Earth

Every now and then we see a car driving around with a huge camera installation on the roof, right? Most probably this company is working for Google (Earth) and making 360º pictures every few meters. By doing so, it is killing our privacy,but who cares.....
We all can see these pictures made in Google Earth in the so called Streetview Mode. This name is not covering all today any more, since you can even view picturs on waterways and even inside several buildings like musea, castles, etc. today.
You can activate the Streetview mode by "moving" the orange puppet at the right top screen to the location you want to view.  
This moving is done like this:

-  Put your mouse pointer on the orange puppet
-  Press the left mouse key and hold it.
-  At the same time move the pointer to the location you want to view
-  Streetview will show photographed area with blue lines
-  "Land" the puppet on a blue line and release the left knob.
Streetview will "land" at that location and show you 360º picture of it:

After landing on the street you can use your mouse to rotate and even look up 90º and down 90º by pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse.
You can even walk through the street or building by putting the mouse arrow where you want to go and double click the left mouse button. Then you "walk" through the street, museum, etc.  F.e. if you have this picture on your screen, double click somewhere above the pickup and you walk into the street. Nice indeed.
The big white arrows mark the direction the Google car went while making pictures and going there flows smoothly. You can also double click on another location in the picture and it goes there as well if there are pictures of that location made.

In this Streetview picture you see that our orange Route 66 marker line stays in sight even in Streetview pictures and exactly starts where the "Begin Historic Route 66" sign is and even in the correct lane as in our complete route -)