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Historical Route 66 and older/newer tracks

Leads you via Google Earth exactly over the correct roads and even lanes from Chicago to LA.

Historical Route 66 and older/newer tracks
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Our Route 66 roadmap highlights:

-  Maps are based on Google Earth
-  You can use all the GE system possibilities
-  Shows the full route at exactly the correct road lanes
-  Splitted in 11 driveable stints
-  Shows al the known "highlights" at exactly the correct location
-  Shows a lot of "Historic Route 66" markings
-  Shows a lot of older routes
-  Shows some alternative routes
-  Shows extra routes via Las Vegas / Hoover dam / Death Valley
-  You can change, modify, add data yourself
-  Use Streetview to view locations/situations
- You even can drive our route virtually in Google Earth.

Route 66 does no longer excists, right? Yes, if you mean all the tiny roads from the beginning.
We believe that you don't want to drive these, like f.e. remaining "Sidewalk Highway"
But it's a big no if you mean that you can't travel outside Interstates any more!
We believe this idea comes from immense Interstate road works done in the past 10-15 years,
blocking quite some regular road parts. Also, the increased use of GPS equipment, where the route
is driven via a handful (50-100?) waypoints, leads drivers on Interstates instead of Historic Route 66!
After coming home, many complain then that they were on Interstates all the time, because their
device lead them over these Interstate routes. Below we mark these routes in thin blue lines.
In thick yellow lines the Historic Route 66 is marked, mostly way different indeed and
are the roads people talk about and where the Route 66 sightseeing and "feel" is experienced!

We didn't copy other peoples routes, but followed the offical Historic Route 66 makrs aside of the road.
By using Google Earth Streetview mode, we saw that a lot of "Historic Route 66" markings no longer exist.
Also, a lot are at the most peculiar places, like 300m after you had to decide to turn, makes no sense.
Due to this you can (still) not rely on just following Historic Route 66 road marks.
F.e. wide around Oklahoma there is just a single mark found telling you to leave the interstate.
We (re)marked Historic Route 66 by marking it every few 100 meters and about "walked" the
whole route by using Streetview and finding most Historic Route 66 markers and show them.
Many really old parts are gone indeed, but you still (again) can drive regular roads mostly.
Our conclusion: "Route 66 doesn't excist any more" is fake information as so many other is today.

January 2022 we checked and corrected our older R66 database again in Google Earth + Streetview.
Several missing secondary road parts (Frontage roads) are restored again, so you can drive those now.
F.e. at the end after San Bernadino Pass you are no longer lead through Devore, but follow a restored
R66 road part under the Interstate and into San Bernadino directly.
Today you can actually drive the Historical Route 66 outside Interstates by about 80-85% !
Where you have to drive Interstates there simply are no alternatives available, like in the desert
where the interstates are layed over the old Route 66 roads actually.
We marked these road parts in blue with dark blue car icons + Interstate numbers.
Parallel to Interstates there mostly is also a byway (Frontage road) next to it and can be used as a
replacement of old Route 66 roads, which were originally where now Interstates are.
On these secondary roads you can drive as slow as you want and even stop wherever you want.
Many R66 road parts are even quite far away from Interstates and give you the "feel" you look for.

Don't expect that you can just follow Historic Route 66 marks all the way.
There are a lot indeed, most marked exactly by us and all found by using Google Earth's Streetview.
A lot are missing or at the most peculiar places though, so you can't rely on these markers only.
F.e. a HR66 marker 300m after you had to turn won't help if you didn't turn......
Some others ary placed very low/high, behind other signs, strange place on a crossing, etc. etc.
On several track parts are no markers found at all, there we followed the historical most logic route.
These longer track parts we marked with a light blue car icon.
You can fast jump from marker to marker and so following Route 66, see our comments pages.
In our time consuming effords to find the correct route and markings we also noted that here and there
new "Historic Route 66" marks are placed, so people are working to get Route 66 alive again -)   Let us help.

We made this Historic Route 66 travel map in Google Earth, helping you to find your way.
Unlike as in Google Maps you can see the terrain elevation as well as many constructions in 3D!
There is also way more extra information to be found compared to Google Maps.
You can change, add, modify our maps the way you like.

Unlike the many free routes we are not jumping all over the map, but lead you even in exactly the correct lanes.
In thick yellow  we marked Historic Route 66, exactly in the correct lanes.
In orange and violet we marked older and alternative routes, exactly in the correct lanes.
In thin dark blue we marked Interstate routes, exactly in the correct lanes.
In red we marked obsolete R66 road parts, sometimes showing the evolving of R66 in a single picture.
Clicking on any road part or icon presents a "bubble" with extra information.
Zoomed in above Saint Louis with its different routes and only some markings shown.

Here you also see just some of the many hundreds of marks we placed, using different icons for Historic Route 66 marks,
musea, Points Of Interest found on the Internet, in books, Google Earth, etc., all on the spot exactly.
This means that if you zoom in on a mark and land the orange Streetview puppet nearby you will see it in 360º.

We lead you from the official Historic Route 66 BEGIN mark to the official END mark:
and also made a short alternative route to the touristic end point at Santa Monica Pier.

We splitted Historic Route 66 in eleven parts from larger to larger cities for better convenience and places to sleep.
Below these route parts from E > W with below them a Google Earth altitude / distance graph.

E                                               1/11  Chicago - Lincoln, 263km, 140-260m                                                   W

E                                              2/11  Lincoln - St. Louis,  223km, 115-215m                                           W

E                                                      3/11  St. Louis - Lebanon, 270km, 120-400m                                            W

E                                            4/11  Lebanon - Miami, 262km, 220-460m                                         W

E                                          5/11  Miami - Oklahoma, 339km, 170-370m                                      W

E                                              6/11  Oklahoma - Amarillo, 419km, 360-1120m                                       W

E                                      7/11  Amarillo - Grants, 592km, 1110-2155m                                        W

E                                       8/11  Grants - Flagstaff, 392km, 1478-2215m                                        W

E                                             9/11  Flagstaff - Kingman, 266km, 990-2231m                                          W

E                                               10/11  Kingman - Barstow, 143-1093m                                               W

E                                   11/11  Barstow - Santa Monica, 242km, 0-1303m                           W

Total Historic Route 66 length according to Google Earth: 3633km.  Height difference: 0-2231m

There are three final leg(s) into Los Angeles marked (there are even more):
The yellow line is todays official Historic Route 66, leading you over the famous
Colorado Street Bridge to the official Historic Route 66 END mark at Olympic/Lincoln Blv. crossing.
The middle thick orange line is the actual and mostly used Route 66, missing the R66 "feel", but faster.
The lower right is the oldest one, leading you to 7th / Broadway crossing, the first end of R66.
Then in the centre (blue) the fastest Interstate track from LA center via official END mark to Santa Monica Pier.
At the end we show a short orange part via Will Rogers Memorial plaquette to Santa Monica pier parking.
The Pier R66 end marker is accepted as end of Route 66. by most people today.
In fact it is a touristic one though, simply because you can't reach it by car/bike as required with any road mark....
Today (since 2009) Will Rogers memorial on the coast line is accepted as Will Rogers Highway endpoint.

As a bonus we added extra:
Kingman - Las Vegas Strip - Kingman and proceed Historic Route 66 from Kingman again.
Precise byway trip over the Hoover dam. Activate 3D and Terrain to view the dam and the area in perspective!
Las Vegas - Death Valley - Barstow (prohibited for rented cars/bikes and not recc. for 100% healthy people).
Las Vegas - Barstow, skipping Route 66 Kingman - Barstow

Las Vegas area is one of the most detailed 3D work in Google Earth next to Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, etc.
Zoom in first and then activate 3D. Then you can walk Downtown and the Strip. This will take a lot of data!

Of course you also could use the Streetview mode and "walk" the strip, see our Streetview page.

Warning:  Google Earth is adictive for many people. There is so much to see, without visiting the locations.....


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