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Routes accuracy

Why buying a route map from ELTIM if there are lots of routes available for free? Well, the answer is quite simple and explained with just oa few examples:
The blue marked route is one of the many (mostly copies and slightly altered) from each other.
The whole route is marked by maybe only a few hundred of marks set. Sometimes they "jump" trough a city with two or three marks.
A route like this is of no practical use, since you want and need to know where to go exactly, that's where you have it for, right?
The orange line is ours, exactly following the correct lanes and exits. This helps indeed.

Another typical error of all free routes is that they go "below the deck" at many locations like this:
The free route dissapears under the road, ours stays on the road, and even in the correct lane.
The blue free route is going somewhere else.

While watching in Streetview mode, free routes also sometimes "fly in the sky" or dive into the ground.
Our route marks stay on the ground at all times.
A Historic Route 66 sign as you see here is pinpointed exactly with a marker. Hundreds of them....

Sometimes these free routes even follow f.e. a railroad track (dark blue) and end up in the fields. No use at all.......
Our orange line is Historic Route 66.  The red line is an unused old R66 track, all also marked by us.
In the distance in light blue an older R66 track through town.
Our 2022 update now also will show a light blue line (alternative track) over the right interstate road.

Many believe that Historic Route 66 now goes over interstates, which is untrue today (2022).
We about walked whole route and found that you can drive secondary roads about everywhere again
similar as in this picture now all the work is done in the past 10-20 years on building Interstates.
In fact many of these secondary roads about follow the original R66 track again.....

Making a road map like ours without all the mishaps free routes (made in an hour?) show requires hundreds of hours in making them.
We followed the complete route at about 300m.1000ft altitude and pinpointed it even in the correct lanes and exits.
Where the exact route became doubtfull (due to lack of information, changed road situation and/or missing R66 signs) we used Streetview to view the exact situation and finding locations of original Historic Route 66 signs as you can find in our maps as well. It is peculiar that especiall where you have to turn left or right there is no R66 sign to be found in way to many situations! You get lost very easy without extra help.
There are several alternative and older routes to be found in documentation, which we also marked in our R66 road map.
We altered our older maps to the 2021 actual road situations and also finetuned a bit.
We set nut just some, but a few hundredthousand marks exactly on the correct spot and also found all interesting locations mentioned in books and on the internet and marked them "on the spot".
So, its just as writing a book after a lot of investigation and get paid for it. Thanks for that-)