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Importing Google Earth files

Most people (so far) just use the very basic functions of Google Earth like finding how a house or a company of somebody looks like.

Like us, many people make all kinds of routes, marking their grounds,etc. for all kinds of purposes. These files have a .KMZ suffix and contain all the data made by these people. This file will show you all they made in Google Earth.
After receiving this KMZ file, f.e on a USB stick or per email, you can click on this file and your computer will recognise that Google Earth has to be opened. That is as long as Google Earth is installed already .....
The file will then be found at the bottom of the MY PLACES block under "Temporary places" with some coded name. If it is for temporary use leave it there and after shutting down GE is is gone again.

Most probably you want to keep this file for future use, modifying and/or viewing it. Then you have to cut and paste it (or shift it there) under "My places" and rename it the way you want. Only while located in MY PLACES it will be stored and fixed in your PC system for later use.

Depending on how complex the file is, it will show itself unfolded similar as you are used to with your regular computer database "tree", with the exception that every part has an activation square in front of it. Every part of the tree can be selected that way and will show the selected parts in GE.
Let's see how our Route 66 Tree looks:

Some other main charts listed and Route 66
showing some submaps.

Route 66 E > W route markings opened and first seven
route parts shown, all marked as "on".

Under the Subgroup "markings"
the hundreds of marks are listed
In the search bar you can search for any Phrase in the subcategory you are in at that moment.