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Extra layers in Google Earth

Besides the standard available Satellite images from our Earth surface there is a lot more information provided by all kinds of communities. All these info is collected in so called layers and act more or less as a slide over a slide, where you see both (or more) at the same time. All these layers can be found in the loweer left box on your screen while Google Earth is active. Depending the country you live in the laguage and some layers differ.

The layers we ourself use a lot for finding what we want:

-  Borders and Labels, showing all the country-, state-, province-, community borders, etc.

-  Places, showing locations of companies, musea, etc.  

-  Pictures show you the marks where pictures were made from the scene by others.

-  Roads shows you all street and Interstate, etc. names:
Here we activated the layer "ROADS" (in Dutch wegen) only and you see that in the
town of Stroud the main road is marked by GE as "U.S. Rte66".
This ROADS layer shows you road numbers, street and channel names, etc.

The orange line is our mark, even at the correct side of the road.
The red line is also from us, marking a former part of Route 66.
In this picture you also see our "Rock Cafe" marker exactly on top of it.

-  3D buildings will bring Google Earth alive and shows you a lot of work private or paid people spent in digitizing builings, bridges, towers, etc. in 3D models. Even complete cities like Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, etc. can be viewed in virtual 3D this way;
Please note that activating this layer a lot of data is transferred to your device!
If you want to see a specific building, best is to go there first, zoom in and then activate 3D.
In this picture our PC is still downloading New York 3D data (background).

-  Then several other Layers of less interest for us, but maybe for you.

-  The Terrain layer makes the main difference between Google Maps and Google Earth. Google Maps is basically "just" a flat copy of Google Earth..... While activating this layer, the nice round and smooth Google Earth globe picture transforms in a more real world picture, showing all the terrain rises and falls, mountain shapes, passes, canyons, etc. You can even "dive" into f.e. the Grand Canyon and make a virtual helicopter tour then.
Very clever made is the fact that all the markings made by others (like us) are rising and falling with tis imaginary made surface, so you will see them even will travelling over a pass:
Sitgreaves Pass with our orange lined Route 66 and some other marks we placed.